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Drones that produced from a Greek company

Drones that produced from a Greek company
22 Δεκ 2020

GEP Drones – Infos

GEP Drones started developing UAVs in 2011, the team is composed of :

– George Papadimitropoulos – Research & Development

– Emmanuel Papadimitropoulos – Financing

– Stavros Sfakianakis – Industrial Design

Stamatis Tzelepis Software Engineer, Phd

We collaborate with a scientific advisors in Greece and abroad, in the fields of software engineering, electronics, image processing, multispectral analysis & evaluation.

What we do is, to implement the latest scientific knowledge to practical applications through the use of Drone technology. GEP drones is the only today in Greece that has operational UAVs, tested in the field and exceeding in performance and practical applications of all other commercially available drones in the market  :

Civilian applications :   During the first pandemic, following orders of the Thessaloniki Civil Protection, our drone carried & delivered food supplies and medicine, to socially vulnerable persons.

Emitted, allover Thessaloniki, safety messages for the population protection against the COVID19.

Military Applications : Pls download the following demos :


Note : Those are part of the first trials, the hitting accuracy/deviation – on stationary targets -varies  from 120cm to 160cm.


Note : This is a more recent trial with some major improvements on the hardware & software of the application. The hitting accuracy/deviation – on stationary targets – is now lowered to approx. 40cm.

The operational software are  open source ones that undergo in depth optimizations, according to the needs/requirements of the  desired practical application : Basically, we want our drones  to be safely operated & complete their tasks following a five (5) minute training, even by a first time drone operator.

We achieved the complete automatization of our drones in 2015 with our GEP4 Survey drone, the first Greek multicopter drone officially certified by the Hellenic Aviation & EASA authorities. Since then, GEP4 has completed more than 4.500 missions with an impeccable safety record of zero (0) falls or other accident.  The GEP4 drone is in daily use by the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, the Democritus University/Forestry dept, The Ioannina University/Environmental Engineering dept. and by various other public Institutions and professionals also.

The operational hardware installed in the GEP drones is of the second semester 2020 with most of those not yet available to the public.

The drones are constructed from –  in house designed & fabricated – 3d print materials that undergo various heat & chemicals treatments in order to enhance their physical properties with up to  five (5) different materials used in the construction of a drone. All metal parts are from titanium.

Note: We try to avoid the Carbon fiber materials as their conductivity affects the operational range of the drone, it’s GPS reception and augments it’s radar detection signal.

Beginning of 2020 we started our contacts with the Greek Army & Security Forces :

April 2020 the GEP1/Intruder underwent it’s trials along the Antiterrorist Force(EKAM) in Thessaloniki: The drone penetrated their headquarters through a small – 20cm x 20cm –  second floor window and then proceeded to the detailed inspection of all the spaces/rooms of the three stories building.

May 2020, the GEP8/Multirole drone underwent it’s evaluation & the Operations trials along the Special Army Forces in the Drama camp.

We are currently in talks with various parties in order to have a Strategic  partner/Investor participating in our projects with the following goals :

Have the human & material resources so as to enhance our drone Research & Development.

Industrialize our production process.

Expand our field of operations in sectors such as Antidrone Systems & larger Fixed Wing Drones.

For any queries and further information don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact person Emmanuel Papadimitropoulos: email :unipapa@otenet.gr, mobile:+306972896928, Stamatis Tzelepis, email:stamatis.tzelepis@gmail.com

Power point presentation of the GEP drones

Best Regards,

GEP Drones